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DataScaleFail #4 - How-to: MongoDB Capacity Planning, PostgreSQL DBaaS Query Performance & DBMS Auto-Tuning

This newsletter edition is fully packed with some sophisticated content.

We are going deeper from standard performance measurements into a use-case and into the deep of performance engineering with query performance analytics for PostgreSQL. The third topic is a market research of DBMS auto-tuning tools.

We put a lot of our brain in these articles, and we hope you like the insights we created.

Thank you for reading!

How-to: MongoDB Capacity Planning @OTC Infrastructure

  • Customer use-case to identify the best VM for next growth stage
  • Growth stage 1: 160% higher throughput for 48% higher costs
  • Growth stage 2: 250% higher throughput for 73% higher costs

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MongoDB capacity planning for 6 different OTC VMs

PostgreSQL DBaaS – In-depth Query Performance Analysis

  • PostgreSQL DBaaS: AWS RDS, Azure Database and Google CloudSQL
  • TPC-H and TATP query performance analyzed
  • First hints on different tuning and storage layer problems identified

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PostgreSQL DBaaS query performance

Market Analysis: DBMS Auto-Tuning Tools

  • Database configuration is a black art deemed difficult, error-prone, and time-consuming
  • AI-based auto-tuning tools promise up to 400% performance/cost optimisations
  • Analyzed: pgtune, MySQL-tuner, Ottertune, DBtune and Releem

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DBMS Auto-Tuning Tools


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