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Cloud Cost Optimisation

Active cloud & database benchmarking can save you on average 30% of your cloud costs.

Benchmarking helps you right-size the cloud resources you use and also enables better IT alignment of the database technology you use for your exact requirements.

With benchANT you can conveniently compare your current setup with alternatives. You receive reliable performance measurements and can thus make well-founded and reliable optimisation decisions.

You no longer need an oversized cloud database setup - more knowledge, less risk, lower costs.

~ 30%
on your cloud costs.
Find at
a better setup.
ROI from
7-15 months
of our database benchmarking.

High Cloud Infrastructure Expenditure – Great Optimisation Potential

Benchmarking is not only suitable for the selection of cloud & database resources, but also in particular for their optimisation during operation, which is used to optimise the resources used and to optimise the performance per resource.

According to various studies, the optimisation potential of cloud applications is in the range of 25-40% of the current cloud expenditure.

In addition to unused "idle resources", these studies point to two main optimisation potentials:

  • Right-sizing: scaling the resources used to a required set-up size.
  • IT alignment: use of more suitable resources from other providers or other specialisation.

You can actively improve both potentials through cloud database benchmarking and thus use more efficient resources in the future.

Cloud cost optimisation potential estimates

Right-Sizing: Pay Only What You Really Need

The performance of database technologies and cloud resources is often unknown. However, concrete setup decisions are made on this non-stressable basis. In order to minimise the resulting risk, a considerable security buffer is "planned in", since neither the requirements nor the performance of the database infrastructure are precisely known.

You pay dearly for this oversizing every month. AWS alone offers over 5000 different VM flavours with different specialisations and performance metrics. How can you know and decide here which resource is suitable in which configuration?

Typically, benchmarking can identify more suitable and economical setups. It is even possible to reduce entire database nodes and thus save entire instances.

Cloud cost optimisation through right-sizing

IT Alignment: Efficiency Thanks to the Right Resources

In cloud database setups, both the chosen database technology and the cloud resources can be the wrong decision for the software application use case.

This can lead to increased development effort, time-intensive rework, increased storage requirements, larger VM flavours and more DB instances required.

These unnecessary effort and cost items can be avoided by choosing the right resources.

Seemingly almost identical cloud resources can differ significantly and have individual strengths, but also weaknesses.

Benchmarking shows you unknown potentials and enables meaningful optimisations. For example, multi-cloud scenarios could host read-intensive applications on one cloud and write-intensive applications on another.

Cloud cost optimisation through IT alignment

TCO optimisations - a good investment"

Lower cloud IaaS spend reduces your total cost of ownership of application operations and enables you to make meaningful new investments.

Cloud database benchmarking offers a return-on-investment of 7-15 months and represents a sustainable investment in more efficient resource utilisation with significant potential savings.

In addition to reduced cloud spend, benefit from greater technical understanding of your cloud database setup and significantly reduced technical risk.

Know the exact performance potential and avoid usage problems and failures!

Benchmarking Return-on-Investment