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Open Telekom Cloud MySQL RDS: A Leading DBaaS

Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solutions have experienced rapid growth in recent years and are considered the future of database operations. They offer the possibility to simplify the design and implementation of data-intensive applications. In this context, MySQL is a popular and frequently used open-source database and a common part of every cloud providers’ DBaaS portfolio.

In this technical report, the independent analyst benchANT compares the performance and price-performance of the Open Telekom Cloud (OTC) DBaaS solution for MySQL with the comparable MySQL DBaaS products of the two US cloud providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure (MS Azure).

Disclaimer Open Telekom Cloud (OTC) commissioned the work presented in this document. OTC chose competitors, the test, and database sizes. benchANT chose the most compatible configurations for the other tested DBaaS, executed the benchmarks, analyzed the results, and wrote the text.

Unique Cloud Performance Insights

  • OTC RDS MySQL offers a comparable feature set to hyperscalers with further advantages

  • OTC RDS MySQL is at the forefront when it comes to throughput and latency.

  • OTC RDS MySQL provides a very competitive cost per operation

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