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Data Infrastructure Consulting

Database management systems are a central part of the IT landscape. Increasingly, they are the focus of new data-intensive IT applications such as IoT, eCommerce and AI. But they are also often a problem area and bottleneck of existing IT applications.

Our data infrastructure consulting services cover all aspects of data storage and data access. We emphasize data-driven decision-making and performance/cost considerations.

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Database and Cloud performance measurements

Database and Cloud Performance Measurements

Our services focus on the creation and optimization of data infrastructures. This includes the analysis of existing database integrations, technology consulting, migration or modernization of the database and (cloud) infrastructure, architecture planning, data modelling and database configuration.

We place great emphasis on sound decision-making through performance measurements and performance/cost evaluations.

Our expertise comes from decades of research and over 30 customer projects.

We support a wide range of database and cloud technologies.

In addition, well-known cloud and database manufacturers rely on benchANT's services for product analysis, technology comparison and the preparation of studies. Here you can find more information about this.

  • Data-Infrastructure-Audit
  • Technology Consulting DBMS, DBaaS und Cloud
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Database-Migrations (i.e. Oracle-to-PostgreSQL)
  • SQL Optimization

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Companies from all industries and from all over the world trust our expertise and our unique performance measurement automation, which makes our services unique and efficient.