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DataScaleFail #3 - MongoDB Benchmarking, MySQL DBaaS Cost/Performance, 133 MongoDB vs ScyllaDB Benchmarks

In this week's newsletter, we have one lesson learned article about benchmarking MongoDB, a cost/performance evaluation of MySQL DBaaS products and an in-depth performance benchmark with 133 measurements from MongoDB and ScyllaDB.

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How-to: Performance Benchmarking of MongoDB

  • many use-cases and lessons learned
  • understanding performance impact factors
  • list of suited open-source benchmark suites

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How-to: Performance Benchmark of MongoDB

MySQL DBaaS - Price/Performance Evaluation

  • MySQL DBaaS: AWS RDS, Azure Database and Google CloudSQL
  • OLTP & simple operation performance measurements with cost calculation
  • Huge performance/cost differences amongst products

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MySQL DBaaS Performance/Cost analysis

MongoDB vs ScyllaDB - 133 Performance Measurements

  • 133 performance measurements for 5 different workloads and up to 3 scaling sizes
  • throughput, latency, costs and in depth technical nuggets
  • ScyllaDB outperforms MongoDB in 132 of 133 measurements

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MongodB vs ScyllaDB - Benchmark study


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