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AWS EC2 vs. Open Telekom Cloud vs. IONOS Cloud 2021

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AWS EC2 vs Open Telekom Cloud vs IONOS Cloud. The big independent performance benchmark comparison of the American public cloud hyperscaler with the two emerging German GDPR-compliant public cloud providers. Download the Insight without obligation and free of charge here.

Unique Cloud Performance Insights

  • Compare the cloud database performance of AWS EC2, Open Telekom Cloud and the IONOS Cloud. Free of charge!

  • Current and independent performance measurement results executed with the benchANT platform in Q3 2021 - visualized and explained in detail.

  • Discover how different IaaS cloud providers can be. Benefit from their individual strengths for your own IT applications.

  • Enter the insightful world of performance benchmarking and make more informed and sustainable cloud and database decisions.

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