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DataScaleFail #2 - PostgreSQL v16, PostgreSQL DBaaS Comparison & MongoDB vs ScyllaDB

Welcome! After being overwhelmed by positive feedback for our first newsletter two weeks ago, we again did everything we could, provide you with three interesting and exciting articles. This time we are focusing on PostgreSQL - the new release of v16 and a PostgreSQL DBaaS price-performance evaluation. Additionally, we did an in-depth comparison of MongoDB and ScyllaDB, a highly performant NoSQL alternative.

PostgreSQL v16 - Performance Comparison

  • Performance measurements for four different workload types
  • Throughput is very similar to PostgreSQL v15
  • Write latency improved for read-heavy workload

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PostgreSQL v16 Performance Results

DBaaS PostgreSQL - Price/Performance Evaluation

  • PostgreSQL from the hyperscalers: AWS RDS, Azure Database and Google CloudSQL
  • OLTP & OLAP performance measurements
  • CloudSQL lowest price, but AWS RDS and Azure Database provide better price/performance

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DBaaS PostgreSQL - Performance Evaluation

MongoDB vs ScyllaDB - Technical Comparison

  • In-depth architectural comparison
  • MongoDB flexible data model
  • ScyllaDB with architectural advantages

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MongodB vs ScyllaDB - Data model


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