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benchANT Homepage

Unique Benchmarking Technology

Simply configure numerous cloud database setups and have them measured automatically.

Interactively discover the strengths of the latest database technologies and compare the key performance indicators of various configurations.

Thanks to the technical features and the structured benchmarking process, the Benchmarking-as-a-Service platform is suitable for benchmarking beginners as well as experienced performance experts.

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benchmarking technology.
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Visualisation levels
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On-Demand, Self-Service Benchmarking-Plattform

Database benchmarking has always been an exclusive domain of performance engineering that could only be performed by a few experts. With benchANT, you no longer need external or internal experts.

You become an expert yourself.

With benchANT, every software architect and IT decision-maker independently solves his or her individual task quantitatively through benchmarking.

All necessary benchmarking steps are seamlessly integrated and enable a comfortable step-by-step problem solution. - comprehensible for all IT decision makers

  • access available at any time
  • structured, seamless process
  • no additional sources/tools required
  • no download & installation required
  • no own cloud & DB accounts required
Benchmarking feature: visualisation levels

Multi-Cloud & Multi-Database Resource Selection

What cloud resources are available?

What do they cost?

Which suitable database providers are there?

Which configuration options are possible?

benchANT enables easy and comfortable selection and benchmarking configuration of the most important database & cloud resources.

You do not need your own resource research or accounts with the cloud and database providers.

Comfortably click together your individual options and start the measurement process.

Benchmarking feature: Cloud and database provider selection with configuration options

Automated Multi-Setup Benchmarking

benchANT's automated measurement process is the technically unique cloud database feature and the heart of the benchmarking platform. The measurements are carried out completely automatically.

It enables you to benchmark numerous configurations comfortably, cost-effectively and quickly.

Use your time wisely and leave the measuring and processing of the results to the platform. This level of automation is unique and a trend-setting innovation.

Hundreds of benchmark measurements are possible with just a few clicks.

Automated benchmarking technology

Interactive Benchmarking Result Visualisation

With up to 100 measured configurations per project and numerous result metrics, a clear and understandable presentation is a prerequisite for efficient result discussion and decision-making.

benchANT combines the performance KPIs into a unified score that allows you to easily pre-select the best configurations.

In the second step, you can compare the performance KPIs of the setups in detail. You navigate interactively between different display levels and have all data and details constantly in front of you. Even the pure time series measurement data, system metrics and log files are visualised and available for analysis.

This visualisation concept allows you to easily move from high-level selection to detailed analysis of individual measurement series.

Whether you are a high-level decision-maker or a performance engineer expert, you will transparently receive all the information you need to make the best possible decisions.

Benchmarking feature: Multi-dimensional result visualisation