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Benchmarking - Measure! Compare! Benefit

Are you looking for a suitable database technology and a fitting cloud setup?

Do you want to optimize your existing solution and improve performance or reduce your cloud costs?

Then do it on the basis of benchmark measurements and meaningful performance KPIs.

benchANT enables you to make these IT decisions about modern database technologies and public cloud resources in a modern and efficient way!

There exist more than
There exist more than
different public cloud resources.
You can choose from over
100 million
cloud database configurations.
Find the
ideal setup with benchmarking.

Quantitative Measurements, Better Decisions!

Far-reaching decisions in IT development, such as database and cloud resource selection, should be made based on reliable and comparable data of the potential options - not on experience, opinion or "try & error".\n\nBenchmarking provides real-world measurement data, enabling you to identify the performance of database technologies and cloud resources, scale it properly and realise the potential of the cloud infrastructure and the individual strength of each database.

Through benchmarking, you will learn the strengths and characteristics of your cloud database setup. This knowledge enables you to select the ideal solution, optimise it and adapt it to the requirements.

The benchANT platform provides you with the ideal tool for self-sufficient, automated multi-cloud & multi-database benchmarking.

Cloud database benchmarking in the DevOps life cycle

Benefits: Less Risk, More Performance, Lower Costs!


For technology.
For potential.
For more sustainable software development.

Risk Reduction

Know strengths.
Know limits.
Take precautions. Prevent problems.

IT Alignment

Find the right DBMS.
Use the best cloud setup.
Minimise technical debt.

Better TCO & ROI

Scale cloud resources properly.
Optimise costs.
Increase profitability.

benchANT – the Innovative Cloud Database Benchmarking Platform!

Compared to previous cloud database decision-making methods, benchANT offers you decisive advantages.

In particular, the quality of the measurements, the individuality of workload configuration and setup configuration surpasses previous solution approaches. Thanks to automation, there are clear advantages for you in terms of the effort required and the costs incurred.

Take advantage of the integrated tutorials and support offers.

Become a benchmarking expert yourself.\n\nRead on and learn why benchANT is faster, better and more efficient than all previous approaches."

Comparison of benchANT and benchmarking alternatives

Benchmarking Provides Informative Insights!

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