benchANT Homepage
benchANT Homepage

Performance Services for Cloud & Database Providers

You are a cloud provider, database vendor, or even a database as a service provider or broker and looking for a reliable, experienced, and agile partner to gain insights into the soft and hard facts of of your product; be it for internal performance measurements, whitepaper creation, market intelligence research, and support for customer PoCs. Ready to become our next partner? Our performance and research services are already regularly used by renowned cloud and database vendors, but there is always capacity left to support one more. Get in touch for an in-depth overview on our services and how we can support you. The first move towards a long-term partnership!

Efficient Tools and Expertise for Cloud and Database Products

  • USP: Automated, reproducible performance measurements

  • GUI and API for user-defined performance measurements

  • Database Ranking & DBaaS Navigator

  • Simple credit model for measurements, development or consulting

  • We already have a growing list of clients and partners, who are cloud or database providers. Please see our client's list.

Highly-qualified Technology Partner
Cloud and Database Perforamnce Experts
DBaaS Navigator & DBaaS TCO Calculator