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Better, Faster and More Efficient Benchmarking

benchANT offers an automated cloud database benchmarking platform. It delivers reliable, independent and transparent measurement results.

You benefit from the latest research results and a scientifically-based automated benchmarking framework. This automation enables better, faster and cheaper measurement processes - simply efficient benchmarking.

Benefit from these advantages.

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cloud database benchmarking technology.
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more cost-efficient benchmarking.
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An Ideal Solution for Better IT Decisions!

benchANT's stated goal is better cloud & database decisions in all modern, data-intensive software applications - from IoT to eCommerce.

benchANT fully integrates the complex process of cloud database benchmarking into a modern IT platform.

A clearly structured process guides you from the selection of configurations to the analysis of measurement results. The comfortable resource selection allows the configuration of many real-available cloud database resources and enables an individual tuning of cloud, database and workload parameters.

The following automated, standardized measurement process delivers reliable and meaningful results. This multi-cloud, multi-database benchmarking automation is unique and represents the heart of the benchmarking platform. Thanks to the interactive visualization levels - from "high-level" radar charts to the measured time series data - the complex measurement results can be analysed quickly and in a problem-related manner.

At the end of the benchmarking process, you are able to make better decisions because you have understood the strengths of the respective setups and technologies through sound information. Through this understanding, you minimize risks, avoid technical misdevelopments and have an efficient, future-oriented cloud database setup.

benchANT benchmarking platform for efficient benchmarking

Faster to the Decision – Faster on the Market

With benchANT, you compare the first measurement results with each other after just a few hours.

The seamless benchmarking process with the automated measurement procedure leads to fast results. Thus, 7x faster available measurement results are possible compared to classic benchmarking measurement processes.

During the time of the measurements, no internal employees are tied up for deployments and measurements - nor do you have to wait for free appointments of IT consultants. The measurement results are available significantly earlier than before and the results can be promptly transferred to the development process.

This enables you to significantly reduce the time-to-market.

By minimising wrong decisions and necessary adjustments, you increase the probability of a successful and fast realisation of your software project.

Efficient benchmarking through a seamless, automated rapid benchmarking process

Improved TCO - Faster ROI

According to various sources and estimates, the optimization potential of cloud infrastructure expenditures is around 25-30 %.

The main amount is caused by incorrect "sizing" of cloud resources and technically unsuitable database solutions ("IT misalignment"). In particular, IT misalignment leads to high compute and storage costs as well as increased technical debt, which necessitates costly improvements.

With cloud database benchmarking, you can prevent these mistakes or correct them afterwards. Identify your optimization potential through benchmark measurements and apply the results to improve your "Total Cost of Ownership.

benchANT is built by outstanding performance engineering experts with excellent research reputations.

Cost-efficient benchmarking with benchANT

Better Benchmarking


During configuration.
At the measurement.
At the results.


Standardised process.
Automated measurement.
Profound benchmarking.


Performance KPIs.
Cost KPIs. Cloud KPIs.


Integrated data analytics methods.
For meaningful performance data.