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benchANT Homepage

Performance Services for IT Consultants

benchANT is a technology partner of established IT consulting companies for efficient, automated cloud and database performance measurements - to reduce costs and win new projects.

Our designed "Infrastructure Performance Audit" independently analyzes and evaluates infrastructure architectures, our automated benchmarking solution enables

We are looking forward to contacting you and to a long-term partnership!

Efficient Tools and Expertise for Modern, Distributed Cloud and Database Architectures.

  • Acquire benchANT as a strategic technology partner for performance and scalability for cloud, databases and DBaaS.

  • Our tools for performance measurements for database technologies and cloud resources as well as our DBaaS Navigator and TCO calculations are available to our partners with exclusive functionalities.

  • We also support our partners with efficient benchmarking measurements, what-if scenario measurements to enable new customer projects and infrastructure audits.

  • Transparent and simple credit-based cost model for fee-based consulting: 1 credit equals 30 min consulting services or 40 min development,1 benchmark measurement (excl. resource costs for the measurement series) or 100 words technical copywriting. 1 credit costs $100 (excl. VAT), framework agreements and discounts common.

Technology Partner for Cloud & Databases
Efficient, automated performance measurements
Infrastructure Performance Audit