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DataScaleFail #9 - Are VectorDBs Benchmarkable?

AI is currently the hype topic par excellence and in the database world the corresponding Vector databases of course. We have taken a look at the benchmarking rules of these VectorDBs.

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Vector Database Benchmarking

  • First VectorDB benchmarking suites available
  • 4 out of 13 VectorDB forbid benchmarking
  • Performance might be questionable

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VectorDB DeWitt Clause Overview

Time-Series Benchmarking Suites

  • Continued research with 7 good-to-know time-series benchmarking suites
  • Mapped IoT, monitroing and logging use cases
  • VectorDB benchmarking suites will follow next time

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Time-Series Benhcmarking Suites overview

Introducing the Telegraf-TS Benchmark

  • Telegraf is a popular monitoring solution with many different data backends
  • Telegraf-TS is an extension to YCSB to evaluate different types of analytical queries over Telegraf data
  • This tailored workload helps with decison making for this very specific scenario

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YCSB for Telegraf Time-series