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DataScaleFail #8 - MongoDB DBaaS Alternatives Benchmarks, NoSQL Benchmarking Suites, YCSB Customizing

We continue our analysis of benchmarking suites in the NoSQL area and have analysed more than 12 NoSQL benchmarks. In addition, new benchmark measurements on MongoDB DBaaS alternatives as well as a technical deep-dive on how to customise the YCSB Benchmarking Suite almost limitlessly.

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Database Benchmarking Suites - 12 NoSQL Benchmarks Added!

  • YCSB, NoSQLBench and many more NoSQL suites
  • Origin, use-cases and technical features
  • TimeSeries & vector benchmarks will follow soon

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Database Benchmarking Suite

MongoDB DBaaS Alternatives - Benchmark Results

  • OVH MongoDB vs AWS DocumentDB vs Azure CosmosDB
  • Performance and price-performance results for 2 NosQL workloads
  • OVH MongoDB show best price-performance results

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OVHcloud MongoDB Performance Comparison

HowTo Customize Workloads with YCSB

  • An overview of the Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark and its architecture
  • Custom workloads with existing database binding API
  • Custom workloads with enhanced database binding API

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YCSB architecture


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