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News February 2022

What has happened at benchANT since the ALPHA release?

What are we currently working on?

What will happen after the foundation of our company?

You will find the answers collected in this news!

Developments at the Benchmarking Platform

The current focus at benchANT is clearly on the further development of the benchANT framework and measurable resources!

Databases / DBaaS

Our focus has been on integrating more databases, especially DBaaS services:

  • Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
  • Azure Database for PostgreSQL
  • Open Telekom Cloud RDS for PostgreSQL
  • IONOS DBaaS PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB Atlas
  • Azure CosmosDB
  • Transbase
  • CrateDB
  • Redis
  • BangDB

Cloud Providers

We have also integrated other cloud providers, these include:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


In addition to the integration of further resources, the focus is also on the further development of the benchmarking configurator. Here, on the Analytics Dashboard, necessary usability innovations to the benchANT score and a sorting have been added, which make analysing a wide variety of measurement results even easier.

In addition, we are actively working on a larger BETA release, which will significantly increase the range of functions and make the products offered more attractive and accessible.

Benchmarking Analytics with benchANT Score

New Content

Using our benchmarking configurator, we also made and published some new performance measurements.

In addition, we have written a fully comprehensive Guide to the YCSB Benchmarking Suite. This explains the benefits and use in the operational process of workload modelling and benchmarking execution.

In addition, we briefly described our work in the first PoC customer project with Daimler TSS.

Throughput/cost ratio ARM instances

Conferences & Exhibitions

Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic situation, we were not able to go to live events. Nevertheless, we presented our vision and benchmarking framework at several online conferences:

Next events with benchANT

Daniel Seybold Dev Talks Announcement

CyberOne Award

A very personal highlight of the past few months was winning the CyberOne HighTech Award in Stuttgart at the end of September. benchANT was chosen as the winner in the ICT category by a jury of 25 experts with its vision and business plan.

The award ceremony was held by Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, Minister of Economics, Labor and Tourism of the State of Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany.

benchANT at the award ceremony for CyberOne

Foundation of benchANT

At the end of 2020, we started as a spin-off from the University of Ulm and have since been able to finance ourselves from EXIST research transfer funds.

Now we have incorporated our company and are fully capable of doing business.

This is an important component in the cooperation with companies and enables us to act as our own legally valid company.


In addition to the development of the BETA version, we are currently focusing on building our business and further PoC projects with various partners.

In May, we will also be present at Cloud Expo Europe and Hannover Messe with our own booth!

In April we will also publish an interesting side project on our website!
Performance matters!

Speaking of performance: We are still looking for database experts who are interested in a database tuning battle!

Just contact us to learn more!