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Release DBaaS Navigator

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After our publicly available database ranking last year, we are now releasing another free comparison tool: the DBaaS Navigator.

Compare the most popular Database-as-a-Service products in more than 50 technical data points from well-known companies like AWS, MS Azure or MongoDB.

Database-as-a-Service - The Future of Database Management Systems

Today we are releasing the first version of the DBaaS Navigator. The DBaaS Navigator is a freely-accessible tool for comparing current Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) products - with more than 50 weightable, technical data points.

Database-as-a-Service is considered the future of database management. Compared to self-managed databases - whether in the cloud or on an on-premises infrastructure - they offer clear operational advantages and, in many cases, a better cost-benefit ratio.

This makes it all the more important to decide on and compare the best DBaaS solution, both from a technical and a price-performance perspective - especially since there is now a wide range of DBaaS products on the market for the most popular database technologies.

Dr. Daniel Seybold, CTO of benchANT says: "There are numerous DBaaS products for each database technology, which differ greatly both technically and in price-performance. In our consulting projects, we have worked out these differences and are now presenting the results publicly.

DBaaS Navigator - Database Selection

DBaaS Navigator - Holistic Comparison

The DBaaS Navigator enables transparent decision-making and, in its first release, compares over popular15 DBaaS products across more than 50 data points in the following dimensions:

  • Deployment: Technical features of the DBaaS solution
  • Management: Management features and compliance issues
  • Support: Analysis of support and service level agreements.
  • Performance: Comparable, independent performance measurements
  • Pricing: Comparable cost extrapolation and performance/cost estimates.
DBaaS Navigator - Holistic Database-as-a-Service Comparison

Listed are well-known DBaaS products for PostgreSQL, MySQL, Cassandra and MongoDB from well-known providers such as AWS, MS Azure as well as the DBaaS offerings of the database manufacturers such as Couchbase Capella or MongoDB Atlas. In the coming weeks, benchANT will continuously expand the Navigator to include more DBaaS products and performance numbers. The data presented in the DBaaS Navigator will also be updated at regular intervals.

Link to the DBaaS Navigator: