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benchANT Homepage

The Benchmarking Support for IT Consultants

Which database solution and cloud infrastructure fit your clients' needs?

Analyse many cloud database setups and back up your decisions with performance data.

Stand out from your competitors - through transparent, data-driven decisions.

Become a partner of benchANT - for the benefit of you and your clients.

Better and Provable IT Decisions Through Benchmarking"

Decisions made on behalf of customers represent an incalculable risk. Regardless of whether new applications are designed or existing software is adapted, decisions are usually only made on the basis of experience and a functional view.

But are these decisions reliable, provable, and do they deliver the required performance or scalability?

benchANT delivers reliable and meaningful performance KPIs and visualized graphs for client-specific workload requirements through automated benchmarking.

Show your clients how you have selected the best database configuration and the most efficient cloud infrastructure for them!

Performance benchmarking data and graphs

Let's Collaborate!

As an IT consultant, you pursue the same goal as benchANT: Better software from IT experts.

Therefore, we offer all IT consultants, system houses and cloud experts special conditions for the use of our service.

Use our performance expertise for your customer orders. Sell performance analyses with us or integrate us into your portfolio as a subcontractor.

No matter how you want to work with us, you will benefit.

  • Selling-Through / Selling-With - Solutions
  • 20 % Purchase Discount and Independent Pricing
  • Self-Service or Sub-Consultant? Your Decision!
  • For Better and More Reliable IT Decisions!