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benchANT Homepage

Cloud & Database Benchmarking Platform

The performance and scalability of database management systems, both self-managed DBMS and Database-as-a-Service products, varies greatly depending on the intended use.

Before making a selection decision or changing the database configuration, it makes sense to test the performance.

With the fully automated benchmarking platform, IT experts can quickly and reliably measure throughput, read latency, write latency and other KPIs.

Simple Configuration Phase

Easily and quickly compare the performance of major database technologies on different cloud resources. Simply click the configurations together, define the database load (workload) and start the measurements.

The cost per measurement is credits-based.

Use Cases

  • DBMS & DBaaS Comparison
  • Cloud Provider and Cloud Resource Analysis
  • Cloud cost optimization through right-sizing of resources
  • Load & Stress Testing
  • Chaos and Scenario Testing
Database Configuration

Meaningful Measurement Data

Don't make decisions based on gut feelings and marketing promises.\n\nUse the benchmarking platform to measure the true performance of database technology for your individual application.

Measurement Results

  • Throughput/transactions per second [Ops/s].
  • Read Latency (Average, 95% percentile, 99% percentile) [ms]
  • Write latency (Average, 95% percentile, 99% percentile) [ms]
  • CPU utilization [%]
  • RAM utilization [%]
  • Storage Consumption [%]

The results are displayed as a bar chart and time series results. In addition, there is a high-level score to quickly identify the best results, as well as a full audit of the benchmarking process.

Benchmarking performance results